Destiny Blvd - Modern American Nomads

We witness one girl's journey from birth into the depths of the subterranean environment of the modern American hobo. She is the catalyst for many individuals stories at the furthest extremities of Western society. The perpetual ‘frontierism’ of a bleak American landscape, a catharsis from the endemic dissatisfaction of American governance. Within one subculture we cover at once life and death, homicide and addiction… The trials and tribulations - yet the joy and freedom of America’s last red blooded adventure… But is this choice an antidote or a consequence for the youth of the American underclass?



Below are 3 audio interviews of 3 American nomads. Dice travelled on freight trains for a number of years before falling under a train car and losing his arm and leg. After this, he continued riding trains until he was shot in the spine at a music festival in Florida and is now paralysed. He continues to travel in a custom made van designed for his specific mobility requirements. His interview excerpt explains how he gets payback on a man who threw him off a moving train years before, by forcing him to pull his own teeth out and hand them to Dice to make into a piece of jewellery.

Flip explores his philosophical views on life and his experience as an armed robber, his time in maximum security prison and lifelong struggle with substance abuse that led him to die and come back to life in hospital.

Dave explains to us his routine of collecting cans in California for recycling to fund his drinking habit, and how being homeless equates to the new 'Trail of Tears', and endless march in circles across the American landscape, one nickel at a time.

Sound Piece - School Shooting

This sound segment is part of an interview and soundscape exploring the concept and action of a school shooting, and the identity and ideas of children and young adults growing up in the United States. The project had me travel the US and visit Columbine highschool in person.

Below that is an object created to accompany the sound piece. The clear plastic bag is Florida highschool's default backpack allocated to all students as a matter of security, so it would be more difficult for students to conceal weapons within the school. I then researched the most common round variants used in school shootings across America since Columbine, and filled the bag entirely with these spent shells.